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FCE assists in developing coating applications on food products and collaborative projects, bridging the gap between the end-user, ingredient providers, and machine manufacturers.


We know how to listen and will make sure to understand the specific needs.


We have or know of expertise in mastering the multiple factors involved.


We help to design the process and choose the right ingredients and machine resources.


What we are good at…

A coating process is inserted in a production environment with its physical constraints and its own given procedures. We help look at the bright picture and the nitty-gritty details.

Mapping the process

We are listing the inputs, outputs, and operations in a consistent design.

Bringing resources together

We provide information, people, materials, and hardware.

Inserting the process in the line

We are considering the production constraints and smoothing the product flow.

Compositing the ingredient mix

We are finding among the array of ingredients the adequate ones.

Selecting the equipment

We are looking for sources, evaluating the performances, and conducting tests.

Easing the project’s progress

We are pointing out the critical factors, levelling hurdles, and smoothing the path to a solution.


Fast Facts

FCE has experience in a wide range of applications, going from sugar-coating to bread and crumb, to name a few. Each application includes a recipe, key parameters, and critical factors influencing the product. As a result, we can adapt the application to your needs at any step.

Countries we went to work close or distant.

Projects we carried out from pure R&D consultancy to plant implementation.

Companies we worked for, from large multinationals to one-person ventures.

Suppliers of ingredients or machines we shared thoughts and projects with.

Private or public education, research and test centres we cooperated with.

Samples we tested and tasted even.

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