Coating of fried nuts with salt and flavours

Nuts are fried and flavoured with salt and spices. The process is an easy introduction to the coating principles.

Updated Aug 03, 2021 - 10 min Read


Core products

The core is a nut – typically peanuts. Medium to large sizes are preferred as coating does not affect the overall shape of the nut. The nuts are primarily fried in vegetable oil. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, macadamia nuts are used in premium mixes.



As the nuts are fried in oil, the remaining oil on the product could be used as an adhesive for a flavouring powder. But oil is quickly absorbed and the nuts may be coated a while after they have been fried. Therefore vegetable oil is further added onto the fried nuts. The nuts are flavoured with powder salt or flavours. Flavours are a mix of salt, taste enhancer, starch, spices.


How does it work?


The nuts are shelled, cleaned, optionally skinned, blanched, sorted


It is a batch or continuous operation depending on the size of the batch and flavour range. 


After coating, the product do not need further processing and is ready to be packed in an air-tight bag.

The coating sequences run as follows


Frying of the nuts, either in a batch fryer or in a continuous fryer,



Oil application by dripping or spraying



Salt or flavour dosing and application


Coating system

The successive liquid and powder applications occur in a batch or continuous way. Liquid and powder are successively applied.

Given the simple shape of the nuts, oil, salt and flavours easily are easily and homogenously spread on the surface.


Coating system

A batch pan, a continuous rotary tumbler or screw mixer can be used
Oil can be dispersed with a spray system. In the same way, the powder – salt or is dosed and dispersed with a scarf vibrating plate. 


How do you measure your success?

Key quality features

One of the simplest application, which in any case cannot disappoint the consumer


Crunchiness through controlled drying and frying


Choice of ingredient to enhance the flavour and colour from light to spicy


Limited losses along the process up to the packaging. No oxydation

Key quality parameters

This type of coating for nuts is relatively problem-free with a limited number of factors


Oil addition rate, adjusted to cover the surface without dripping


Powder addition, adjusted to cover the surface without excessive fines recovery, powder particle size, too fine it leaves a dull aspect and form patches, too large it does not hold on the oil film


Batch or volume, small enough to prevent splitting and breakage of the nuts.