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Bakery - Doughnut coated with icing sugar
Candy sugar coating
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Coating tailored to your needs.

What will you find here?

Coating consists in the application of a liquid and/or a powder on a product. It involves various techniques (dribbling, spraying, dipping, mixing…) and ingredients combining in unique processes especially in the food industry.

Food Coating Expertise SAS provides an application development service within collaborative projects, bridging the gap between end user, ingredients providers, machine manufacturers.

The website displays basic information on coating practice and theory.

Its main feature is the possibility for any stakeholder in the domain of ‘food coating’ to contribute with useful information to the community.

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  Snack Solutions Bvba
Snack Solutions Bvba positions itself for the creation, innovation and optimization of snack products. Jo Cools has been focusing primarily on the savoury snacks (potato crisps, co...
  Fédéric Menguy
Pan coating is an innovative process which can combine chocolate panning and hard or soft sugar panning. For example, it allows you to: - Improve attractiveness of sweets - Avoid...
  Ecomeris - natural coating polymers
Ecomeris specializes in the development of film-coating solutions. These solutions are based on naturally-sourced polymers and minerals. The blend is obtained through green technol...
  Innovadex, an ingredient supply and information resource
Innovadex gives FREE ACCESS to thousands of up-to-date documents from suppliers in one location with a login. ...
  TNO : edible barrier coatings
TNO has been developping barrier systems combining protein and fat to cope with complex products : a layer of high water activity product on top of a cereal crust, the whole having...
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