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Candy sugar coating
Cereal Coating
Cheese anticaking
Chocolate glazing
Coextrusion of a vegetable casing
Doughnut with icing sugar
Hard panning
Pet food coating
Snack coating
Soft panning
Expertise : training
NIZO Training in macroscopic barriers 
Customers demand an optimal perception in different textures. It requires a strict barrier against migrations which may alter individal characteristics. Nizo tackles this challenge in a course. Lectures on barrier principles,type of barrier used, and techniques to apply them.
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NIZO food research B.V. Attn. Mrs. E. Schenkel P.O. Box 20 6710 BA EDE The Netherlands Tel. No.: + 31 (0)318-659511 Fax No.: +31 (0)318-650400 E-mail: erika.schenkel@NIZO.nl
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