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Created in 1932, Dumoulin Coating Equipment is a market leader in automated industrial coating machines for the food industry. Our laboratory is the perfect place to see everything that can be done on our full scale coating machines. Performing sugar, polyol, chocolate or chocolate compound trials on our 250 kg batch size automated pans is a great way to observe how your products will work with our machines and what specific parts you may require for your coating installations. It will also enable you use our coating specialists knowledge to help you with any process questions you may have.
Convenience Food Systems, a global supplier for the prepared meals industry has set up a Technology Centre in Bakel. It is equipped to run full-scale production tests with all the necessary process stages from mincing to final product packaging including specific batter and crumb coating processes : predusting, battering, breading.
BCH test plant 
A new test plant has been set up for customers wishing to develop confectionnery products on an extensive array of cooking, forming, coating equipment.
Drouven & Fabry 
D&F the reputed confectionery consulting firm has extended its premises to accomodate a range of batch and continuous coating systems, including the Biturbine. The latter will be dedicated to the development of precoating and gumming processes with specific recipes.
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