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Supply : ingredients
Ecomeris - natural coating polymers 
Ecomeris specializes in the development of film-coating solutions. These solutions are based on naturally-sourced polymers and minerals. The blend is obtained through green technologies. The solutions apply to the food, cosmetic and nutraceutical products. Ecomeris offers expertise in physico-chemical analysis, formulation and process implementation.
Loders Croklaan's SensoryEffects fat range 
The range acting as a flavour delevery system consists in blends of fats customized for such applications as ready to eat cereals, savoury snacks, granola bars. It includes zero trans-fats, enhanced omega-3 formulations.
Avebe's Eliane starch range 
ELIANE™ is a “waxy potato” starch containing more than 99% amylopectin which allows preparation of foods with unique functionality, textures, expansion characteristics and cost saving opportunities. It is a amylopectin potato starch obtained through traditional (non-GMO) breeding techniques.
Rad Natural Techn. : natural antioxydant 
A natural antioxidant mix (rosmarinic acid and phenolic acid) for use in nugget, fries, nut coatings. Advantages : heat resistant and water soluble. Also has bacteriostatic properties. Commercial name Origanox.
Jungbunzlauer : salt substitutes 
Commercial name Sub4salt. Designed to replace sodium chloride in order to reduce by 25-50% the sodium content without taste modification. 1g contains 0.26g Na while 1g salt contains 0.40g Na. 1g Sub4salt in a 1:1 substitution provides 35% less Na. Application in the coating of savoury snacks, batter products.
Emsland : starch barrier film for fries
Commercial name Embat 2000. A mix of modified potato starch (with an high amylose content), rice flour, maltodextrines, salt. Advantage : firmer fries inside and cripsier outside, more resistant to breakage, reduced oil absorption . Application : froes coating by dipping, spraying, overflowing with a solution.
City : Emlichheim   Country : Germany
Unifine icing for bakery
Name : Wrapable Icing. A ready to use icing mix. It contains no fat. It dries quickly and does not crack. It can be applied by enrobing, depositing, spraying or immersion.
City : Puttershoek   Country : Netherlands
Film forming starches from National Starch
The CRYSTAL TEX 627, CRYSTAL GUM, PURITY GUM 59, VERSA SHEEN, CRISP FILM starch derivates are used in coating application for their film-forming properties with each specific adhesive, non-chipping, clear or gloss aspect advantages.
How to suspend insoluble particles in a solution
CP Kelco won an Innovation Award for a stabilizing agent, Axcel Px or Pg, for a cellulose based stabilizer. It does not affect the viscosity of the solution. It may help in the application of insoluble particles with a coating suspension while reducing handling and dosing problems.
Continuous sausage encasing
Rudin®VegaCasing is an alginate based ingredient. A colloidal solution of this ingredient is coextruded around the sausage ; it sets in presence of a calcium solution forming a casing. This casing hardens after drying. It offers a vegetable alternative to the traditional animal origin casing.
Antioxydant film preserving vegetable freshness
AgriCoat is dedicated to the development of a range of ingredient formula aimed at preserving the freshness of fruit and vegetable slices, cubes. NatureSeal is a vitamin-mineral blend designed to protect fresh-cut fruit and vegetables from changes in color, taste and texture; sulfite and allergen-free.
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