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Fédéric Menguy 
Pan coating is an innovative process which can combine chocolate panning and hard or soft sugar panning. For example, it allows you to: - Improve attractiveness of sweets - Avoid individual wrapping - Reduce production costs Frédéric Menguy can help you with your pan coating projects, especially if you require expertise on the combination of sugar and chocolate coatings. More on www.enrobage.com
Snack Solutions Bvba 
Snack Solutions Bvba positions itself for the creation, innovation and optimization of snack products. Jo Cools has been focusing primarily on the savoury snacks (potato crisps, coated nuts, dry roasted nuts, crackers, direct and indirect extruded snacks, rice crackers etc.) and excels particularly in the coating technology for nut products (peanuts-cashews-almonds-hazelnuts-etc.), extrusion products and exotic fruits. It results in attractive prices for powders, adhesion blends (Crisp-Tex), seasonings (Dry-Roasted/ Post Flavouring). More on www.snack-solutions.com
The Fat Consultant 
Oils and fats are critical components in a coating formulation. Geoff Talbot offers consultancy services in the general oil and fats technology, cocoa butter alternatives, physical properties and effects of oils and fats, fat and moisture migration, fat bloom elimination, application technologies in Confectionery and Bakery. More on www.thefatconsultant.co.uk
WHJ Processes 
Beside assistance with conventional and extrusion processing, WHJ Processes can provide help with your coating problems. WHJ Processes has vast experience in coating products with all types of syrups, etc. More on www.whjprocesses.co.uk
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