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Coextuded sausage


A coextruded sausage with a vegetable casing has the aspect of a regular sausage. The external skin contains the inner material and is fully edible with a soft too resistant texture to the bite depending of its dryness.


The core is made of a meat, fish, cheese, or vegetable-based compounds.


The coating is prepared with:
  • water ,
  • an hydrocolloid : alginate .
  • a calcium salt.
Optionally, the coating film can be mixed or further coated with:
  • a spice coating ,
  • a smoke flavour,
  • inlcusions.


The coating sequences run as follows:
  1. forming of the core material into a mostly round, sausage-like, cohesive rope ,
  2. simultaneous coextrusion with a fluid alginate-based film,
  3. combination or immersion into a solution of calcium salt,
  4. draining of the coated rope optionally,
  5. cutting into portion, partial drying .

Key parameters

The coating occurs with the forming of a film and its setting by a reaction with calcium salt which polymerizes it.
The thickness and firmness of the alginate film results from the respective hydrocolloid and salt proportion in water.
It is a continuous operation. Speed is adjusted to balance firmness and softness for cutting and closing the edges.

Coating system

The operation occurs in a former for sausage which has been adapted with a coextrusion head or device to apply a film all around the core shape.
After coating, the product can be kept as such. It is usally partially dried to reduce the coating thickness and give it a crispy texture.

Key features

Compared to the traditional sausage formiing process with a preexisting casing, this process differs by :
  • the vegetable casing,
  • no preformed film required ,
  • no interruption to load a new casing,
  • .
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Coated product
Process diagram
Machine design. Courtesy of Albert Handtmann GmbH
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