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Panning of sweets witha hard sugar coating
A hard panned candy has a smooth surface aspect which is enhanced by a shine. The external layer is made of crystalized sugar. According to the sugar layer thickness, the candy offers a lightly or hard crunchy bite. Many factors contribute to an appealing result.


The cores are of multiple types : nuts (almonds), chocolate, dried fruits, chewy gum... Very small cores such as a sugar crystal, a licorice particle can be used.


The layer is prepared with:
  • sugar ,
  • glucose syrup ,
  • water .
  • colour, flavour.
The glucose syrup quantty is from 0 to a few percents in order to control the crystalization process. The final dry solid content ranges usuallly from 67 to 72%.


The sequences run as follows:
  1. Filling and tumbling oof the cores in a rotating pan ,
  2. Syrup application +1 - 3% ,
  3. Dispersion ,
  4. Drying with dry air ,
  5. Operation 2 to 3 are repeated until the required thickness is acjeived ,
  6. Discharge .
It is a batch operation. The ddrying air must have a low Relative Humidity, circa 55%. The temperature is 40°C. In case of chocolate, the temperature has to be lower and the RH reduced, circa 30%. Different layers can be applied: initial gumming, engrossing with a concentrated syrup, smoothing with a diluted syrup, whitening with a titanium ddioxide or rice starch suspension, colouring and flavouring. The total process time ranges from 1 to 8 jours depenoing on the sugar layer thickness compared to the core size.
After coating, the product needs to be stored in a stove at regulated temperature and moisture during 12 - 24 hours to finalyze the crystalization.

Coating system

The operation occurs in a coating pan.. The revolution of the pan causes a smooth tumbling effect. Mixiing amy be enhancesd by baffles. Coating pans have ball or cylinder shapes, offering respectively small 50 - 250 kg, to large 250 - 3000 kg capacities. The syrup application occurs by dribbling or spraying. Pans differs in shape (ball, cylinder), size (600 mm to 3 m. diameter). A fully automated operation require ancillaries such asautomatic loading, discharge, air blowing and exhaust, syrup preparation and dosing, cleaning in place.

Key features

The key features to take into consideration are :
  • core type, shape and dimensions ,
  • sugar syrup, concentration, temperature, crystalization speed ,
  • air conditions, temperature, RH, velocity ,
  • time sequences ,
  • pan type, shape and dimensions.
Optionally, the center can receive an additional finishing treatment: glazing with a minute amount of wax (powder or paste form). <% REM FIN CONTENU DE PAGE ---------------------------------------------------------------- %>
Hard coated white dragee (almond core)
Hard panning process
Coating pan - Dumoulin 200X
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