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Enrobing with chocolate
Any product can potentially be enrobed with chocolate : a chocolate item itself, a biscuit, a cereal bar ... An ubiquitous process which requires mastering the chocolate preparation, its application and its setting.

Enrobing with chocolate

The term "enrobing" typically designates a product covered with a layer of melted chocolate which has set to form a firm, crisp brown shell.


The sole and only ingredient is "a" chocolate mass. It is a mix of:
  • Cocoa mass, issued from a fermented cocoa beans, composed of:
    cocoa solids,
    cocoa butter;
  • Sugar;
  • Other additions to change its taste such as,
    Milk powder and fat,
    Vegetable fats.
  • Emulsifiers.
The definitions of the diverse types of chocolate is strictly regulated to prevent frauds.


A chocolate must generally undergo a process which will allow it to set in a partly crystallized form. This lends it its crispiness or snap.
This carefully controlled process called tempering runs as follows:
  1. Melting of the chocolate mass to obtain a fluid mass;
  2. Cooling to crystallize back the different fat types composing the o butter;
  3. Reheating to melt back some of the fats.
The chocolate mass is then composed of melted and crystallised in a given proportion which will initiates the appropriate setting when cooled. The enrobing operation consists then in:
  1. Presenting the base product on a conveyor;
  2. Passing through a curtain of melted chocolate;
  3. Dripping of the excess which is recovered.
It is a continuous operation in industry.
After enrobing, the product is cooled progressively in a long tunnel.

Coating system

The enrobing machine is made of:
  • A mesh conveyor;
  • A device receiving the melted chocolate and forming a falling curtain across the conveyor;
  • A recovery tray.
The enrober is coupled with a tempering system which constantly recycles the chocolate and processes it through the above-described heating-cooling-heating cycles.
Temperature is carefully controlled throughout the whole tempering and enrobing processes.
Note that the enrobing process applies to a range of products other than sweet, with the application of another substance having similarity with chocolate : emulsion on fruit skin for preservation, wax on cheese ...
Note that spraying can be used in place of the curtaining method.

Key features

The process displays critical factors to control:
  • Chocolate type which influences its behaviour;
  • Temperature control, especially in the tempering zone;
  • Environment conditions, necessarily dry and cool.
Chocolate gives an appetizing twist to any sweet product.
A simple but carefully controlled process.
The typical aspect of an enrober.
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