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Caramelised pralines
A caramelised praline shows a dark brown glassy transparent aspect. It is a traditional market place process sometimes brought to an industrial scale.


The core is a nut, generally a peanut or an almond. Its aspect is somehow retained and visible.


The ingredient list used in the application is fairly short:
  • Caster sugar;
  • Vegetable oil.


The ingredients do not need any preparation and are used readily.
The coating operation itself runs as follows.
  1. Pour the nuts in a gas-fired rotating pan;
  2. Add a spoon of oil to prevent agglomeration between the nuts and onto the pan wall,
    Oil also helps in diffusing heat and smoothing the browning process;
  3. Pour a ladle of caster sugar onto the nuts;
  4. Wait for the sugar to disperse and slowly melt on the nuts;
  5. Carry on with mixing and heating until the sugar is fully melted and turns into a darker colour (Maillard reaction);
It is usually a batch operation although a larger production can be made on a continuous gas-fired rotating tumbler.
After coating, the product is simply cooled and packed.

Coating system

The coating occurs typically in a coating pan equipped with a source of intense heat, usually a gas burner.
The sugar is measured and added manually.
Other types of equipment can be used such as a fixed heating pan fitted with a scraping blade on a rotary arm .

Key features

The process typical factor is the control of the heating to achieve the browning of the sugar without generating dark spots or fines.
The dark sweet crunchy layer of amorphous sugar is characteristic.
The simplicity of the process reflects its traditional aspect.
Coating pan - traditionally made of copper now replaced by stainless steel..
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