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Bread crumb and batter coating for nuggets ...
The nuggets are coated with a shallow to thick layer of crispy dough and crumbs : the texture and appearance are intentionally rough. Combinations of operations and ingredients result in tasteful experiences when properly mastered.


The core product can be of various types : poultry , cheese, fish, vegetables, fruits. The moisture content is preferably low i.e. tomatoes are not adequate for batter coating.


The batter is prepared with:
  • wheat flour,
  • finer flour (maize, rice, tapioca) or native starch of the sort,
  • functional starch with expanding, binging, filming, barrier properties,
  • functional ingredients (proteins, hydrocolloids),
  • fats,
  • leavening agents,
  • flavour and colour,
  • salt, spice ...
  • water.
The dry ingredients are first mixed together then the liquid is added. To avoid lumps, progressive addition of the liquid and thorough mixing are required. The mix is prepared and stored at low temperature and kept agitated.
The choic eof the ingredients will determine the thickness, expansion. In case of prawn nuggets, the coating is very thick; in case of French fries the thickness si very fine providing a barrier effect and retaining crispiness longer. After the liquid coating, the product is dusted and sprinkled with fine to coarse particles : breadcrumb, japanese crumbs..


The sequences run as follows:
  1. Pre-dusting with a fine flour mix to improve the batter adhesion,
  2. Batter coating (including a time for dripping the excess) ,
  3. Breadcrumb coating,
  4. Deep frying in oil,
  5. Cooling during which the oïl is absorbed.
It is a continuous operation. Steps 2 and 3 can be repeated 2 times to increase the thickness.
After coating, the product needs to be stabilized.
  1. Deep frying in oil,
  2. Cooling during which the oïl is absorbed.
Industrial products are cooled or frozen after coating. Frying is then done just before use.

Coating system

The operation occurs in a series of machines.
  • Batter coater
  • Breadcrumb depositor

Key parameters :

Factors influencing the product end quality are multiple:
  • Core product type, shape, surface texture, moisture,
  • Batter recipe,
  • Process steps,
  • Frying conditions.

Key quality features

The end product is evaluated after :
  • Crispiness before all,
  • Colour (a too dark colour results from a wrong recipe or too high frying)
  • Flavour.
  • Limited oïl pick up (the product should feel oily) .
  • Shelf life (as it contains a high amount of moisture).
Chicken breast coated with batter and crumb (source : pixbay.com)
Liquid batter coating with recycling (source GEA)
Batter & Breadcrumb coating process
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